Get Active Doing Things You *Actually* Like


We don’t mean to tease you with a photo of a kayak on a beautiful warm day while it’s 30 degrees here in the midwest. We just want to remind you that getting active doesn’t just mean hitting the gym! We encourage you to think outside the box, and we’re going to give some helpful tips that we hope will help you feel inspired. 

What does it mean to live an active lifestyle? Generally, this means implementing some form of moderate to vigorous exercise into your daily life. Examples of moderate exercise include going for a walk, household chores like vacuuming, taking the stairs at work, etc. Vigorous exercise includes running, weight lifting, or biking to the office. While it’s not realistic to get one or both in every single day (and that’s okay!), swapping some current habits for healthier ones can go a long way. 

What you can do today: 

Implement some light yoga or stretching into your daily routine. The best part? You don’t have to leave your home! Part of the definition of being physically fit is maintaining some levels of flexibility and muscle strength. Even 10-15 minutes every day can make a huge difference! Our muscles tense and tighten throughout the day from prolonged sitting and poor posture (amongst other things!), so anything you can do to help release this tension, get your blood flowing, and keep your body moving will be beneficial to your health. 

Go for a walk—yes, even in the cold. Getting some fresh air is good for your body and your mind. You can even invite a friend or your partner to join you. If you’re opposed to walking in the cold, spend a couple hours walking around your local indoors farmers market, checking out some local goods, and picking up produce for the week ahead. 

Under the Sky

Try venturing out into nature on the weekends. Whether you’re hiking, doing yardwork or gardening, spending time outdoors is something we could all do more often. Do you like snow sports? Spend the weekend skiing, snowboarding or tubing!

Some Inspiration

Here is a list of activities we challenge you to try. Make it a date, gather a group or head out solo. Either way, we hope some of these spark inspiration for you.

  • Rock climbing (top rope or bouldering)
  • Weight lifting
  • Jumping rope
  • Spinning classes
  • Ice skating
  • Yoga or Pilates (can be done at home – just look up videos for free online)
  • Running or biking (hit up a trail or just take a spin around your neighborhood)
  • Dancing or Zumba
  • Horseback riding
  • Kayaking, paddle boating or canoeing
  • Playing sports like frisbee, soccer, basketball, volleyball, or raquetball