Sharpen Your Skills—Literally


& other things you need to know in the kitchen

Considering that culinary courses are seldom required as a prerequisite for graduation from high school or college, it’s rather likely that you were never properly taught how to cut, dice and slice foods for cooking. Believe it or not, there are correct and incorrect—or should I say efficient and inefficient—ways to cut fruits and vegetables. Learning the proper cutting techniques can make an impact on the amount of time you spend preparing foods. Cutting this down—that pun was far too easy and almost doesn’t feel satisfying—will make you far more likely to cook at home when you’re in a hurry or simply don’t want to spend the limited hours in the evening preparing food to nourish your hunger. So we’ve scoured the internet for the quickest, most informative videos and resources available to help you learn some new skills and reduce the amount of time you spend preparing foods.

If you’re a Gordon Ramsey fan (guilty), you’ll be thrilled to know that he’s the star of the remainder of this post. If Gordon’s name induces anxiety because you’ve watched him scream at and humiliate contestants on Hell’s Kitchen, I totally understand that…but regardless of his sass, he’s an incredibly knowledgeable chef—with Michelin star(s!) to prove it. He’s been awarded 16 over the course of his career, and holds seven to date. So trust me when I say that Gordon has the best tips for you, even if you’re just getting started in the kitchen. His videos are quick, informative and don’t include any screaming or yelling at all—you’re welcome. But if you enjoy the stern and unpredictable side of Gordon, I’m sure you can find some entertaining videos to watch on his YouTube Channel. 

Keep reading for a few of our favorite clips (from Gordon and others, too) that will help you expedite your cooking process and take it to the next level.

Finely dice an onion

Arguably the most important cutting technique to master

*Just adjust the width of the cuts for a larger dice

Or the lazy version per Bon Appetit (Not sure if Gordon would approve of this, but we love a good shortcut every now and then)

Slice, julienne and baton peppers

The difference between these cuts and how to quickly and easily achieve them

Sharpening a knife 

The tool you’ll need and a quick demonstration

Other Videos We Love

Cooking tips

Includes tips for chopping herbs, ripening fruits, cutting a mango, cooking potatoes evenly and more

Kitchen Essentials

The kitchen essentials to help you get started (without spending a fortune)